Birthday Acupuncture with Gloria Correa

The 48 hours before and after our birthday are very powerful times for all of us. During this time; our physical energetic vortex is more open than any other time of the year and we are capable of making huge personal breakthroughs in our life.

Gloria Correa’s birthday hypno-acu session is based on her study of Chinese Medicine and combining these studies with her intuitive and spiritual gifts. She uses these gifts to conduct a very powerful session of healing for her clients.

The fascinating part of working with Gloria is that she is able to conduct a birthday acupuncture session over the phone. Her sessions do not need to be in person, and you do not need to be poked with real needles; yet the healing is just as strong as if you were. Gloria energetically puts the needles into the body and will reduce or tonify the chi according to your highest good. The beautiful part, is that Gloria is able to watch the energy travel with and through you during the accu session.

Every single person has wildly different experiences during birthday acupuncture; as the session is very personal to each individual. Though we are all one; healing comes to us at different times and in different ways. Some of Gloria’s clients have left a birthday acupuncture session with better eyesight, others quickly discovered why they were shifting from job to job.  Within 5 months this client had found their dream job and are still there years later. Birthday hypno-acu helps you to eliminate negative beliefs and break bad habits in your life.

Birthday hypno-acu sessions are a fascinating modality and true gift of healing. If you are looking for the perfect gift for someone; this is a life changing opportunity.