Phone Sessions now available at your earliest convenience!

As of September 30, 2014, you can now schedule a phone session with me. Just go to the 'CONTACT' page and follow the online instructions. I look forward to being an instrument of Optimal health on the Emotional Spiritual, and Physical levels! Let's talk!

On Mentors

I sit here formulating a template from which to intelligently articulate to my future mentor my needs and how he can assist me best.

After you do your work, to the best of your ability; you reach a point that requires the knowledge, wisdom and vision of someone you look up to an aspire to be like. I am glad to say, I have come across such a wonderful person, that I would dare ask to mentor me. As per one of many wonderful quotes in Finding Forrester (the movie) exclaims, "we walk away from our dreams afraid we may fail, or worse yet, afraid we may succeed".

September 11, 2014

I was there, I witnessed things I'd like to forget. I heard both sides and made up my mind on the words of my friends that worked in the towers. Time has passed, yet it still seems to evoke in people around me, that "we will never forget" hurt. I would like us all to remember that we are all one, one energy, one source, one infinite conscious and unconscious collective that exists here and now. So, if we become what we think about, let us be in love and light, just for today.

Changing the quality of your life...

Every inspirational speaker and in personal growth literature, the same question is posed: 

1- If time and money were not an issue what would I be doing with my life?

2- What 3 things can I do right now, that would drastically change the quality of my life?

These are meditative questions. One is to sit still, reflect keeping self and all of humanity in mind to achieve the highest good on our planet, and then take action from that stand. Unfortunately, most of us are going through daily chaos in our lives that lead us further from our introspective self and towards the immediate external surrounding view; in respects to the current issue being experienced. In other words we become our circumstances instead of creating, manifesting, visualizing them.  How then do we come together and connect enough with one another so that individually we feel, act and experience that true bliss, happiness, joy, passion, and love?

Ask yourself the 2 questions above. Write out a summary of your life to date in which you examine your life "seasons".  Write a schedule out; the purpose for achieving those goals, and place it on a calendar in incremental steps to take moment by moment helping you achieve the very nature of those changes.


Spring has come with a new website, future and life!

The temperature has risen and the days are longer, meaning a fresh start to the healthy life and soul that is available to each and every one of us! HEAL has new staff, website and future brighter than the midday sky.

I am putting together a fresh seminar series for the new season, focusing on branching out to the entire world  and sharing my gifts and knowledge of truly HEALTHY living.

Stay tuned for information

I wish you all a lush spring and a true rejuvenation. 


Winter is upon us, and so is a little extra weight!

3 Winter tips from Gloria Correa:

As you all might have noticed by now, winter sets in, and we tend to put on a few extra pounds. Our clothes may take a little extra muscle to put on, leaving no wiggle room from our seemingly far off summer weight.

With this in mind, in being sacred to the seasons it is important to allow our sudden “hibernated excess” to assist us in our nurturing of our interior organs without allowing any extra excess to lodge in.

Here are 3 top ways to keep our body optimally healthy and happy, while we enjoy snuggling in with our loved ones during the cold days of winter. (Yes, we do have temperatures as low as 52 degrees here in Florida!)

What all my clients should be doing every day of their life:

1. Upon rising spit. During the night time parasites do lay eggs in our mouth and anus, so adjust your view of it only happening  in ‘third world countries’ and just spit before you get on with your day routine. (lovely patients; know here after what each of you is to do varies on a very individual basis.)

2. Do 1 quart CCCB juice. This stands for Carrot, Cabbage, Celery and Beet. Please feel free to add other ingredients of the veggie or fruit type to keep the juices interesting and varying in your gastronomic needs.

3. Make a potful of CCCB Soup. Studies have shown that warm soups during winter keep weight off and this particular mix is extra nutritious with out adding to your ‘pansa’ (that’s belly in Spanish- yes, I intend on teaching Spanish as we go along!) Add herbs and spices with healing properties such as ginger- enhances digestion; cayenne pepper- better circulation; cilantro- heavy metal detoxifier, etc.

The above is an adjunct to your multi- dimensional self that eats a lot of fresh produce,not processed overly cooked foods, exercises, remembers to have at least one stimulating conversation per day, helps at least one other person daily, spends quality time looking into their loved ones eyes, possibly doing an eye gazing meditation, doing morning pages, meditating, seeking counsel from yours truly, etc.

I wish you all an abundantly healthy, wealthy, wise winter without the extra pounds!


Neuro Emotional Technique


Hello All,

This past weekend I attended an N.E.T. workshop. It was held in stunning Captiva Island.  I got to do my morning runs along the beach, meet wonderful practitioners and doctors, share quality work one on one with other practitioners, and eat delicious food.

Coming back Monday morning I will begin offering NET treatments as an added modality to getting quicker and even better results with your emotional or physical issues. Please feel free to ask about it!

In Good Health,




Elizabeth Kubler-Ross’s model on grieving follows 5 stages, best known as the acronym DABDA:

Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance.

'William Rocky Balboa Shakespeare', was the name of our South American green cheek conure bird; up until this morning when I found him deceased.

Although, I believe greatly no animal should be held captive. I admit, I fell into society’s belief of getting a pet for my child, but, in the course of time; I fell in love with my little perky, sweet, protective, nasty to everyone else bird. I find myself experiencing an overwhelming heartbreak from the loss of my pet. 

Perhaps, those of you who have no pets might find this difficult to empathize with. Nevertheless, you might relate under all creatures big and small are to be respected for just being alive and part of our Earth (not to be eaten but instead to be seeing as our spiritual equals; all is energy). I find myself distraught due to the internal chatter that has me wondering what if.

So, as I continue on the rest of my day, I wanted to express my love for all living things big and small, and ask each and everyone of you to be in daily gratitude towards all living things, big and small.

We are an amazing people, and as such I welcome us all to feel the energy of love filling us up from feet to top of head and spreading it worldwide to the planet, so that everyone’s highest good is in mind.  I wish you all a healthy and long life.




Recently I picked up a fitness magazine claiming that aspartame is actually good for sugar levels. This could not be farthest from the truth. I want to remind everyone that Aspartame, sweet and low, splenda, nutrasweet,and all those aspartame containing sweeteners are cancer causing. Please use natural sweeteners!