Gloria Correa has been treating clients for many years. Her belief system with healing clients is based upon a 4 Phase approach (which she has dubbed the 4 legged table of health much like a table relies on all 4 legs in order to stand) her belief is that we need each of these 4 pillars for ultimate health and wellness in our life.

A critical aspect of self healing is the foods in which we choose to nourish our bodies. Our bodies are constantly fighting off environmental factors, processed foods, germs, etc and it continues to fight for wellness. This CCCB Juice is an all natural way for us to give our bodies a break from fighting the foods we are eating; and nourishing ourselves with proper nutrition. Although the taste of this juice may at first feel different to your palette; I assure you after a few days of this juice you will start to crave it!

What is CCCB Juice?

CCCB Juice will require the use of a juicer. It’s simply a mixture of carrots, celery, cabbage, and beets. Super simple. You can also add water to taste. The amount of carrots to celery and cabbage and beets it up to your taste preference. All of these vegetables have vital nutrients for our bodies to flourish and many natural anti-inflammatories.

How much juice should I be eating each day?

The amount of juice you consume is up to the individual and please use caution if you are diabetic, or pre-diabetic with the beets. Beets are high in natural sugars; so please use only the greens of the beets in the juice if you have any health issues with sugars.

What nutritional value does it provide?

Carrot: is very high in Beta-Carotene and Vitamin A, as well as Vitamins B and C, Iron and Calcium.

Cabbage: is high in Vitamins and minerals, it helps to protect the Gastrointestinal tract by building up our mucosal lining providing relief from the symptoms of acid reflux.

Celery: has been called the natural “roto-rooter” for cleaning out the colon has a compound called Phthalide, which can reduce high blood pressure by relaxing the vessels that blood flows through.

Beets: help you to enrich vital qi, via enhancing your blood, while recent studies have shown that drinking beet juice builds your stamina, helping muscle strength, building better endurance.

How long Will I be Drinking CCCB Juice?

As with any truly healthy lifestyle habit; it is advisable to make this part of your daily routine.

What health benefits will I see?

Naturally the more pure nutrition in the body the better our internal systems can rebuild. The best benefits you will experience is natural from the inside out  anti-aging! WHo would not want that?

Enjoy your CCCB juice and please let us know what you think!