As you all might have noticed by now, winter sets in, and we tend to put on a few extra pounds. Our clothes may take a little extra muscle to put on, leaving no wiggle room from our seemingly far off summer weight.

With this in mind, in being sacred to the seasons it is important to allow our sudden “hibernated excess” to assist us in our nurturing of our interior organs without allowing any extra excess to lodge in.

Here are 3 top ways to keep our body optimally healthy and happy, while we enjoy snuggling in with our loved ones during the cold days of winter. (Yes, we do have temperatures as low as 52 degrees here in Florida!)

What all my clients should be doing every day of their life:

1. Upon rising spit. During the night time parasites do lay eggs in our mouth and anus, so adjust your view of it only happening  in ‘third world countries’ and just spit before you get on with your day routine. (lovely patients; know here after what each of you is to do varies on a very individual basis.)

2. Do 1 quart CCCB juice. This stands for Carrot, Cabbage, Celery and Beet. Please feel free to add other ingredients of the veggie or fruit type to keep the juices interesting and varying in your gastronomic needs.

3. Make a potful of CCCB Soup. Studies have shown that warm soups during winter keep weight off and this particular mix is extra nutritious with out adding to your ‘pansa’ (that’s belly in Spanish- yes, I intend on teaching Spanish as we go along!) Add herbs and spices with healing properties such as ginger- enhances digestion; cayenne pepper- better circulation; cilantro- heavy metal detoxifier, etc.

The above is an adjunct to your multi- dimensional self that eats a lot of fresh produce,not processed overly cooked foods, exercises, remembers to have at least one stimulating conversation per day, helps at least one other person daily, spends quality time looking into their loved ones eyes, possibly doing an eye gazing meditation, doing morning pages, meditating, seeking counsel from yours truly, etc.

I wish you all an abundantly healthy, wealthy, wise winter without the extra pounds!