Elizabeth Kubler-Ross’s model on grieving follows 5 stages, best known as the acronym DABDA:

The 5 Stages of Grief are: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance.

'William Rocky Balboa Shakespeare', was the name of our South American green cheek conure bird; up until this morning when I found him deceased.

Although, I believe greatly no animal should be held captive. I admit, I fell into society’s belief of getting a pet for my child, but, in the course of time; I fell in love with my little perky, sweet, protective, nasty to everyone else bird. I find myself experiencing an overwhelming heartbreak from the loss of my pet. 

Perhaps, those of you who have no pets might find this difficult to empathize with. Nevertheless, you might relate under all creatures big and small are to be respected for just being alive and part of our Earth (not to be eaten but instead to be seeing as our spiritual equals; all is energy). I find myself distraught due to the internal chatter that has me wondering what if.

So, as I continue on the rest of my day, I wanted to express my love for all living things big and small, and ask each and everyone of you to be in daily gratitude towards all living things, big and small.

We are an amazing people, and as such I welcome us all to feel the energy of love filling us up from feet to top of head and spreading it worldwide to the planet, so that everyone’s highest good is in mind.  I wish you all a healthy and long life.