Congratulations on taking a major step toward optimal wellness Professionally and Personally.

H.E.A.L. is a unique method, created by Gloria Correa, for guiding her clients to optimal wellness Professionally and Personally via her Intuitive Strategic Coaching and well- versed Alternative Healing Techniques learnt by working with a myriad of clients, from the stay at home parent to the highly successful business person.

A diverse combination of drugless therapies comprises H.E.A.L./ Gloria Correa to provide each individual client with the custom care that suits their needs. At the heart of the approach is the knowledge that the true cause of any dis-ease must be traced to its roots by evaluating a person's whole physical, emotional, energetic body, and honoring the family lineage that creates our DNA, Spiritual contracts, and other possible blocks we face in this stress driven society. 

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