In February and March we will continue our lecture series in Ormond Beach Pilates Center. Stay tuned for more details! 


We are very excited and honored to share with you that Gloria Correa has been invited to do a TEDx Talk in Panama. We will be posting it once it is completed. Check back soon!!!


Come remove blocks, obstacles, past and future traumas from your ancestry lineage or from your own actions at present:

Every month we hold a Healing circle during the full moon. In the Native American Indian, South American Indian and Siberian Shamanic traditions our overall wellness, Spiritual and Physical is highest during the full moon. Please come join us for a Full Moon soul retrieval journey/ guided meditation that will propel your overall wellness via this interactive event! 


Full Moon Soul Retrieval Journey 2017 dates.

Thursday, Jan. 12th moon in Cancer/ Gemini focus.

Friday, Feb. 10th in Leo.

Sunday, March 12th in Virgo.

Tuesday, April 11th in Libra.

Wednesday, May 10th in Scorpio.

Friday, June 9th in Sagittarius.

Sunday, July 9th in Capricorn. 

Monday, Aug. 7th in Aquarius.

Wednesday, Sept. 6th in Pisces.

Thursday, Oct. 5th in Aries.

Sunday, Nov. 5th in Taurus.

Sunday, Dec. 3rd in Gemini.


 Click here for: Monthly Soul Retrieval Journeys


Individual New/Full Moon sessions available upon request.


Session 1 of a 5 part series.