How to Connect to Your Higher Self

When we plug into the energy of the Divine Intelligence, we share in the attributes of our Higher Power. What once seemed mundane and meaningless, now has purpose. We have an inner compass that guides us along our journey. But how do we connect to our Higher Power?

1. Become aware that you are one with the all powerful Universe. Just like your thumb is part of your hand, your being is part of a Higher Being.

2. Live life from a place of love, not fear. Love every individual and situation as part of the greater Being, just as your fingers and thumb coexist harmoniously as part of your hand.

3.   Live in the present moment. Your Higher power exists only in the present moment. When you venture into the past or future, you’ve lost the connection.

4.   Be a conduit for the attributes of your Higher Power. Express the love, light, peace, joy, abundance, creativity, and other positive attributes that flow through you as you put your ego aside.

5.   Express gratitude for your connection to your Higher Power. What we’re thankful for increases and continues to manifest.

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