I have seen Gloria for both physical aliments and symptoms but also more times then not aliments of the heart since I was 14 years old, now 28 years old with a son who has also seen and been treated by her and another son on the way that will follow suit.

Gloria has helped me to improve my and my family’s diet through redirecting our concentration on specific foods but also through different alternative medicine supplements and making natural remedies a priority in my home. My son is 4 years old and has never had a prescription filled for anything, has never taken an antibiotic. “Let food be thy medicine.”

With a loss of direction and self at times throughout my life and seasonal depression that has always plagued me, Gloria has been a confidant and a guide. With simple and direct instructions whether it be a specific practice of mediation, a shift in my day to day routine, specific books to continue to guide and nourish my soul.

Myself and partner have both done individual sessions with Gloria, I, a New Years session and her birthday hypno-acu session. Both were out of body experiences; physically and mentally. These sessions provided physical and mental clarity, improvement of the 5 senses, circulation to neglected parts of my physical body and also great peace and calm in my head.

The imagery and symbolism found within our individual sessions experiences and that of a guided spirit journey are both eye opening experiences. Giving perspective on your life in new ways, whether it be through a specific trouble or rut, through a change or lack there of. The guided spirit journey experience brings you into a very intimate space within yourself but also within a community of people, all going through a journey together and to come together afterwards to reflect and share our experiences with one another.

I hope Gloria is always a spiritual and healing confidant to all of my family, I wasn’t the first of my family that she has helped and I certainly believe I will not be the last. My children, my partner, my mother, my grandmother, my aunt, my sisters, my cousins; so much of our spiritual, ancestral, and physical health has been improved by Gloria’s guidance and expertise.