I was referred to Gloria by a close friend who had been a client of hers for over 10 years. I have been working with Gloria for the past two years, and am so grateful  to have found her! She has helped me to understand that we need to work on all areas of our health, including physical, spiritual and emotional. I have learned so much about myself and a lot about the journey to heal. Before I met Gloria, I was doing constant blood work, seeing several doctors and still not feeling my best.  Gloria is so helpful because she works in all areas of your health and you will see dramatic differences consistently. I love how she uses homeopathic remedies, along with emotional, spiritual and dietary recommendations that always help the issues I am experiencing. Gloria is also helpful with the my husband and children who have also benefited from her vast knowledge of how our bodies heal. I highly recommend Gloria to other’s who are in need of healing. 

C. Daniels