“I have been a frequent patient of Gloria’s and have noticed some amazing changes that have affected every part of my life. Every session is great, but this last one was by far the best experience I have had. Although, I've been going to see Gloria for a few years; during the last 3-4 months I started noticing how quickly my life was changing before me. I decided to finally let go of a toxic 4 year relationship, I found a new group of friends that I can now say are a big part of my life and I have grown so close to every one of them, I am attending Florida Gulf Coast University in the fall. And I recently met an amazing girl who I like a lot. A lot has changed for me; it definitely has. So, today I walked into my appointment fearing what lies ahead of me and the changes I am about to experience; but, Gloria has taught me specific tools- showing me how to focus on constantly thinking about how I am going to feel once the future is manifested. Talking to Gloria Correa, I felt nervous and just anxious because of how I kept in all those feelings for a while. After talking to her she pinpoints where each area of my life can improve. Afterwards, It felt like all the toxins I had bottled up from the fears I had about how my life has changed so much was just coming out.

I felt like a new man and a confident man who no longer fears what is ahead of me in the next few months. This was the best experience because I let out all the toxins of sadness and anxiety that I was having for a few months and now I can say that I am ready for what lies ahead of me and I do not fear the changes I am about to experience. Thank you Gloria Correa.”

-Peter Andros