“When I met Gloria, I had a superficial thrombo-phlebitis (a blood clot) that had climbed up my calf to my thigh. A blood clot on the move is a dangerous thing because it can travel into your femoral artery and into your lungs and potentially stop you from breathing and cause you to die. Doctors at the hospital were confused as to why a young, healthy man had developed a blood clot and put me on expensive blood thinners that I injected into my abdomen 2 times a day. They turned my stomach black with bruises and made me feel weak. I was about 30 days into the treatment and had seen no change in my blood clot. I had been researching solutions, trying to heal with food and changes to my lifestyle, still the clot remained. I was in need of healing. As a healer Gloria knew exactly what I needed and told me to wrap a flannel cloth soaked in castor oil around my thigh with a heating pad when I slept at night for a specific amount of time. I made the choice to stop taking the blood thinners against the will of medical doctors and applied myself to this method. Gratefully, after six days; the clot was gone. It just left my body. Doctors were skeptical, but nonetheless, it was gone. I am forever grateful for meeting this wonderful, radiant person.” – Russell Kramer