Every inspirational speaker and in personal growth literature, the same question is posed: 

1- If time and money were not an issue what would I be doing with my life?

2- What 3 things can I do right now, that would drastically change the quality of my life?

These are meditative questions. One is to sit still, reflect keeping self and all of humanity in mind to achieve the highest good on our planet, and then take action from that stand. Unfortunately, most of us are going through daily chaos in our lives that lead us further from our introspective self and towards the immediate external surrounding view; in respects to the current issue being experienced. In other words we become our circumstances instead of creating, manifesting, visualizing them.  How then do we come together and connect enough with one another so that individually we feel, act and experience that true bliss, happiness, joy, passion, and love?

Ask yourself the 2 questions above. Write out a summary of your life to date in which you examine your life "seasons".  Write a schedule out; the purpose for achieving those goals, and place it on a calendar in incremental steps to take moment by moment helping you achieve the very nature of those changes.